Igor’s Dream 2024: A Flight Through Sikorsky’s Aviation Legacy

Twelve years ago, we introduced the first flight of Igor’s Dream, a Barrel-Aged Stout that quickly became a Two Roads favorite. As we gear up for the release of our 12th Flight, we’ve decided to take the road less traveled and do things a little differently. 

The No. 1 Helicopter License issued by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale and U.S. National Aeronautic Association.

Don’t worry – the liquid is still the same you’ve all come to know and love. What we wanted to take a different path on was the label.

Traditionally, our labels have featured images of Igor Sikorsky alongside his iconic helicopters. However, this year, embracing what Igor would have done, we have decided to choose a different path and take a more “road less traveled” approach. 

The 2024 Igor’s Dream Varietals.

When working with the Sikorsky Historical Archives, they revealed a hidden gem— Igor’s Helicopter license, which we used as inspiration for this year’s label.

The helicopter license you’ll find on all the 2024 varietals of Igor’s Dream was issued on December 10, 1940 – the first-ever helicopter license ever issued by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale and the U.S. National Aeronautic Association. Being license No. 1, it reinforces Igor’s impact on the aviation industry. 

When you look at each varietal, you’ll also find a distinct helicopter invented by Igor Sikorsky. Here are the varietals and their corresponding helicopters:

Igor in 1910 with the H-2, his second-ever helicopter. (Photo credit: Sikorsky Historical Archives)

Igor’s Dream Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon & Rye Whiskey Barrels | H-2: 

The H-2, Igor’s second-ever helicopter built in 1910, achieved what the first could not – lifting itself. However, that didn’t stop him. The H-2 was the first of many helicopters to come. 

Igor’s Dream Imperial Stout Aged in Brandy Barrels | VS-300:

The VS-300, an experimental helicopter developed in the 1930s, was first flown right here in Stratford and played a pivotal role in advancing vertical flight technology. Igor tried 19 different configurations before he was satisfied with the final design. Once complete, the VS-300, known as the first practical helicopter, ultimately shaped more advanced and practical helicopters in the aviation industry.

Igor Sikorsky holding a model of the S-64 Skycrane. (Photo Credit: Sikorsky Historical Archives)


Igor’s Dream Imperial Stout Aged in Old Tom Gin Barrels | S-64:

Already described as a “humble genius” after the creation of the VS-300, Igor went on to make more helicopters. The S-64 Skycrane, which took its inaugural flight in 1962, is a heavy-lift helicopter designed for transporting large loads. Recognized for its distinctive rear-facing cockpit and substantial cargo area, it finds utility in firefighting, construction, logging, and military operations. 

In commemorating Igor Sikorsky’s enduring legacy through our 2024 label and celebration, we aim to honor Stratford’s aviation pioneer and his feats in the industry. Here’s to Igor’s and to take the road – and skies – less traveled. 


Celebrate with us on February 3rd, for our Igor’s Dream Release Day from 11 AM-9 PM. This event will feature displays from the Sikorsky Historical Society and CT Air and Space Center, a live musical performance by the Springlight Jazz Quartet, a VR Flight Simulator Experience, and limited-edition Igor’s Dream Merch provided by My Print Shop Live. 

More information about the event is available here. 

Pre-sales for bottles begin on Friday, January 26th at 12 PM for the general public.