Two Roads Contract Brewing Program

If you are looking for a world-class facility with a team dedicated to making your product the best it can be, you’ve come to the right place to learn more.


Two Roads Brewing Company in Stratford, CT is owned and managed by beer industry veterans with extensive experience.  We are the first brewery to be designed, built and staffed to offer contract services including craft beer, barrel aged products, hard seltzers and RTD cocktails.  We also produce our own line of beers under the Two Roads brand name.  In 2020, the combined production of Two Roads and contract brands ranked us as the 19th largest independent craft brewer according to data compiled by the Brewer’s Association.  Over the years the brewery has produced beer and seltzer for numerous satisfied customers.  We enjoy a very positive, open and friendly relationship with each of our contract customers.  They are welcomed at our brewery at any time without an appointment.



Two Roads was founded by four partners with over 75 years of experience in the beer industry.  Brad Hittle, CEO, worked for Labatt USA and Pabst Brewing Company as Chief Marketing Officer.  Phil Markowski, Master Brewer, has been brewing commercially since 1989.  Prior to Two Roads, Phil was at New England Brewing Company and Southampton Publick House and he has won dozens of GABF and World Beer Cup medals.  Clem Pellani, Chief Commercial Officer, worked with Brad at Labatt USA and with Phil at New England Brewing Company, and he had prior marketing and sales roles at EJ Gallo and Pabst Brewing Company.  Peter Doering, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, had a career in energy finance before joining Derektor Shipyards as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.  Two Roads’ General Manager of Operations, Brian Hollinger, has been in his post since July, 2020.  He previously held GM roles at Victory, Terrapin and Dogfishhead before joining Two Roads.  Brian oversees the Brewing, Packaging, Engineering, Customer Service, QA, Warehousing and Maintenance departments at Two Roads.



Located in Stratford, Connecticut  the brewery is situated in an ideal location to serve customers and distributors throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic areas of the US.  In fact, approximately 100 million people are within a 500-mile radius of Stratford.

The brewery sits ¼ mile from I-95, the major trucking artery of the eastern seaboard, and is 56 miles to New York City, 134 to Boston, 136 to Philadelphia and 260 to D.C.

Two Roads fully owns two large manufacturing facilities on 9.25 acres that total 125,000 square feet including outlying storage buildings.  The Company leases an additional 21,000 square feet across the street for overflow storage needs.  The main building was constructed in 1911 with additions in 1946 and 1954.  Upon acquiring the building in 2012, it was gutted, cleaned, painted and then new floors, drainage, electrical systems, boilers, and lighting were installed.

Area Two, the company’s innovation center, is located at bookends with the main facility.  This state-of-the-art facility houses our pilot brewery, (7) 100-barrel fermenters and abundant barrel-aging and foeder-aging infrastructure.  It also has its own dedicated lab.



Our brewing system was installed in 2012 and is state of the art and fully automated using Braumat (Siemens based).  Below is a list of our capabilities and equipment.

  • Brew house: Automated five vessel, 100-barrel ROLEC system.
  • Production Capacity: 200,000 bbls/yr. depending upon product mix
  • Fermentation Vessels: (12) 100 bbl, (18) 300 bbl, (10) 600 bbl.
  • Bright Beer Tanks: (2) 100 bbls, (1) 200 bbl, (3) 300 bbl & (1) 600 bbl.
  • Bulk Malt— (1) 80,000 lb silo and (2) 110,000 lb. silos.
  • Specialty Malt: Storage space to inventory a wide range of specialty malts.
  • Malt Mill: Kunzel 4 roller Mill with 8 addressable roller gap settings.
  • Automated wort dissolved oxygen control system
  • External bulk transfer system: Capability of transferring or receiving bulk wort or finished beer.
  • Yeast Handling: Automated yeast propagation and storage system.
  • Filtration: Two (2) GEA Westfalia HB2 separator centrifuges.
  • Carbonator-Blender: Corosys carbonator-blender system.
  • Flash pasteurizer: Corosys in-line flash pasteurizer for stabilization of product prior to packaging.
  • RTD Canned Cocktail production: Blending tank, UV sterilization system, and dosing system for spirits and flavors.



Our packaging lines were installed in 2012 and 2013 and consistently deliver high quality packaged products with low dissolved oxygen levels to enhance your product’s shelf life and consumer experience.

Can Line Capability12, 16, and 19.2 ounce cans (202 dia. lids).

Can Line EquipmentKHS 36 valve filler – 840 cases/hour. Krones tunnel pasteurizer. Switchback cartoner (4pk, 6pk, 12, 15 pk).  In-line case weigher. Automated palletizer.

Bottle Line Capability:  12-ounce heritage and long neck bottles, 22-ounce bottles, 6 and 12 packs.

Bottle Line Equipment: CFT tri-block rinser, filler and crowner. (300 BPM)

Bottle line labeler: P.E. automatic labeling machine, capable of a three-label combination of cold glue and PSL

Kegging LineComac 4-head filler, 120 units/hour, 1/2- and 1/6-barrel kegs

Warehousing:  40,000 square feet of storage space.



The quality system at Two Roads combines processes, policies, and record keeping with the aim of delivering consistent batches of beer that meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.  Quality checks are performed by trained individuals; training is performed against written procedures and is documented. Operators are empowered to act on data from quality checks; common corrective actions are written into SOPs. Our customers have immediate access to data (in-process and final) on DropBox.

The sensory program at Two Roads has a dedicated, full-time manager and a technician. Our program includes training on off-flavors, common / desired flavors, and trueness-to-brand.



Our Supply Chain Department is staffed and trained for ultimate customer service.  We help you with ordering, planning, purchasing, inventory management, warehousing, and shipping.  TRB utilizes an SAP Business One ERP platform called Orchestrated Beer, which is tailored to the beer industry and provides both a scheduling system and a purchasing system to streamline the process.



For inquiries about contract production please contact Brad and Mark. 

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