Two Roads Drives Innovation with Two New Releases 

Stratford, CT – Two Roads Brewing Co. announced today that the Company will be introducing two new innovations to their portfolio as they head into the last quarter of 2022.

A New Groundbreaking “Juicy” Variety Package

The brand announced a first-of-its-kind, 16oz Hazy IPA variety 6pack. The Juicy Box will contain two 16oz cans of each of their “Juicy Family” offerings, including Lil’ Juicy Hazy IPA, Mega Juicy Hazy Imperial IPA and the extremely popular and highly acclaimed Two Juicy Hazy Double IPA.

“We wanted to give customers a whole new way to ‘Keep it Juicy’,” says Director of Marketing, Collin Kennedy. “When looking at the craft landscape, this a truly innovative package. In our research, we saw very few brands have released a 16oz 6-pack, and we’re excited to be one of the first to do so with a hazy IPA variety lineup. The IPA drinker tends to hop around between ABVs based on occasion and we continue to see a demand for higher ABV products. This Juicy Box innovation delivers three high quality, on-trend hazy IPAs with three tiers of ABV – 6.2%, 8.2% and 10.2%, all in a convenient pack. It’s a true ‘Road Less Traveled’ package using existing brand equity we’ve built in the Juicy Family these last couple of years.”

The Juicy Family remains a focus for the company as a whole. According to recent IRI data, Two Juicy is the 7th best-selling imperial IPA 4-pack in the Northeast region over the last 52-weeks. “It’s a product line we really believe in,” says VP of Sales, Brian Corrie. “This new format and package stands out on shelf amongst a sea of 16oz cans. It’s easy to identify on shelf and gives our customers the chance to try all of our incredible Juicy brands.”

The Juicy Box Hazy Variety 6-Pack is beginning to roll out now and throughout the month of November to all states Two Roads is distributed.


Non-Alcoholic American IPA Joins Growing Non-Alc Portfolio

Building off the success and momentum of their initial ‘Juicy IPA’ non-alcoholic offering, Two Roads will be releasing a second beer in their new NA portfolio – a Non-Alc American IPA. According to the brand, this version is meant to appeal to the more “traditional” IPA drinker. Master Brewer, Phil Markowski added, “many breweries make both a Juicy and West Coast style IPA, so we wanted to take a similar approach with our Non-Alcoholic line”. He went on to say, “Our two NA’s deliver flavor and quality, with large hop additions to achieve the desired result in terms of real beer flavor. While our Non-Alc Juicy IPA features fruity, newer hop varieties, our Non-Alc American IPA uses classic C-hop varieties for a more piney, resinous character. The drinking experience for both is decidedly different, but both versions are true to style and most importantly – actually taste like beer!”

CEO, Brad Hittle, went on to say, “Phil worked on perfecting these Non-Alc beers over a long stretch of time, making and rejecting several variations until we were happy.  He really nailed the taste and aroma to deliver a real beer experience without the alcohol. The only thing missing with these beers compared to real beer is the buzz!”

Two Roads will be releasing their Non-Alc American IPA in 6-packs, 12oz cans starting this week.

For more information or samples of either of the above, please reach out to [email protected]


About Two Roads Brewing Co.

Two Roads Brewing Co., launched in 2012, is a privately owned craft beverage company offering a wide-ranging portfolio of beers, canned cocktails, hard seltzers, distilled spirits, and other Road Less Traveled beverages. Located in Stratford Connecticut, Two Roads is ranked 54th among 9,500+ independently owned breweries in the US according to the Brewer’s Association. For more information visit