Our Cruise Control Helles Lager just took the Road Less Traveled by way of the Autobahn thanks to Beer Connoisseur’s 96-point rating calling it “a world-class representation of the Munich Helles style from start to finish.”

Our 4.8% ABV Helles Lager is an effortlessly refreshing golden lager built for kicking back and taking it easy down the Road Less Traveled. Beer Connoisseur’s Judge, John C. Tull, noted in his review, “I am finding myself recalling fond memories of a liter of Helles in a Munich biergarten. Grab one of these and allow yourself to be transported to München as well.”

This is no easy feat, as Beer Connoisseur uses a stringent system for judging and its judges are either Master Cicerones or have earned National or higher certification from the Beer Judge Certification Program.

Cruise Control wasn’t the only beer to make an impression on the Beer Connoisseur’s judges.  Area Two Experimental Brewing, Two Road’s sister brewery also located on its 10 acre campus, had three beers rated as Exceptional including Table Terroir earning a 93-point rating, Synopsis Dark Sour Cherry – earning a 92-point rating, and Kriek taking home at 91- point rating.

Table Terroir is a low 3.7% ABV dry, full-flavored ale brewed with Connecticut grown malt and hops. Fermented with our proprietary yeast strain captured in our Hop Yard, this beer is  full of fruity, spicy aromatics and flavors. Judge Michael Heniff said of the Exceptional rating of Table Terroir, “This is a very pleasant, easy-to-drink wild beer with a funkiness that is not overdone. Seek this one out, even if you are not big on wild and funky beers!”

Synopsis Dark Cherry, which Heniff called flavorful, rich and complex,” is a 6.4% mix-fermented brew using dark cherries, wild and cultured yeast strains and aged on wood. Heniff stated in his review that the “fruit aspect of this wild beer is very well done. The fruit is flavorful, rich and complex.”

He went on to state that “The wild character is almost singularly lactic but it’s well done; prominent clean lactic sourness balances the rich, dark cherry fruit well.”

Kriek didn’t disappoint either with 4lbs. of cherries in each gallon of this profoundly tart, deep crimson brew.  Aged for two years in French oak, Kriek delivers a subtle funk accompanied by intense notes of sour cherry. The abundance of cherries was particularly noted by Judge Tull who said, “A nice, well-balanced cherry aroma mingles nicely with acidity and citrus sourness. The cherry aroma is rich and full like pie cherries, not at all candy-like or artificial. The color is a deep rose, and there is no head and very little effervescence. The flavor is similar to the aroma: a blend of rich, deeply fruity cherry and a blend of lemon and grapefruit citrus.”