What was the inspiration for Sauv Blanc Gose?
We are always on the lookout for novel high-acid fruits that lend themselves to using in a gose and Sauvignon Blanc grapes definitely fit the bill. We have also noticed a few breweries using wine grapes in some of their fruit beers. I first used wine grapes in a beer in 1996 so I’d like to think of myself as not a follower in this case!

Does the Sauv Blanc Gose have any wine like characteristics? If so- what can white wine drinkers look forward to?
Absolutely. In our process we ferment all the natural sugar out of the grapes so that leaves the natural grape acids and tannins behind that give a wine (or beer made with grapes) those characteristic flavors.

Two Roads just ordered a second tanker truck. Can you talk about it?
Sure. Due to the growing popularity of our Tanker Truck Series we had to purchase a sister tanker to our original so we can keep up with demand. It’s a good thing!

Any food pairing suggestions with Sauv Blanc Gose?
A classic pairing with Sauvignon Blanc wine is goat cheese. So how about goat cheese and most any more delicate washed rind cheese such as Taleggio, Livarot or Reblochon. The acidity of the beer stands up to these mildly intense creamy cheeses well.

Any hints on what the next rotating flavor will be and when we can expect that? 
We’re working on a few tropical fruit blends…that’s all I’ll say!