Ok2berfest at Home!

Ok2berfest is back!! We are SO excited to host you all on our campus! We realize some might be celebrating at home this year so we put together this post to help you get your prost on! 

From recipes, to games, decor, and tips on how to get the most out of your beer – we’ve got you covered. 

We even released an Ok2berfest Variety Pack for the first time ever! This 12 pack is filled with Ol’ Factory, Cruise Control, Ok2berfest, and No Limits. PROST up wherever and whenever because it’s officially Oktoberfest season.


Food is essential to any celebration! Oktoberfest is no different. 

Soft Pretzels and Cruise Control Beer Cheese: Recipe by Michele Hall

Naturally, when you think of an Oktoberfest celebration you think of beer and pretzels – the dynamic duo! Soft pretzel bites have that chewy fluffy inside and are the perfect tool to load up on the essential beer cheese dip! These soft pretzels can be made right in the air fryer, quick and easy. 



Brats Potato Stacks: Recipe by Ingrid Beer

Try these Oktoberfest brats potato stacks at your party! They’re the ultimate finger food that jams all the flavors you’d expect from an Oktoberfest celebration onto a thinly sliced slice of potato. From the hefeweizen glazed onions to the Hummel Bros. beer brats, you’ll want to have plenty. 


Beer Cheese Spaetzle: Recipe by Julia Foerster 

Mac and cheese is always a hit, so why not try to make spaetzle, a delicious cheesy carb to add to your spread. Try mixing in our Ok2berfest beer to the cheese sauce for the ultimate Oktoberfest experience. Don’t have a spaetzle maker? Pfft. Here is a work-around.



Pretzel Garland

Bring your celebration to the next level by decorating with your stomach in mind – decorations that you can eat make all the difference, right? Agreed. String up hard pretzels throughout to really get the vibe going.

Image by arianna frasca

Color Scheme 

Traditional decor trends towards light blues, golds, and greens. Grab yourself a nice blue checkered tablecloth here to protect your table but also amp up the celebration. 


You know what looks really good on a table? Hay. It looks pretty similar to the barley that is used in beer! Go for a hike, snip some hay! Presto, the perfect centerpiece. 

Image by arianna frasca



Stein Holding

Steins are not something we typically keep in our homes so how about we find something that is a little bit more manageable? Hold a six-pack out in front of you, if everyone has the same oz it’s a fair competition!

Remember: no bent arms, your arm must be at a 90 degree angle from your body, and excessive shaking is an immediate out!  

Sausage Toss

Don’t drop your wurst! Similar to an egg toss but with sausage. 

Beer Tasting

Try our variety pack in flight form using some tips from our Sensory Department! Here are some tips and tricks for getting the full aroma from each beer: plug your nose, take a sip, swallow, exhale through your nose.  

Rate each beer 1-5 stars for Appearance, Aroma, Taste, Mouthfeel, and Finish! Which one came out on top!? 

Check out this video on how to get the most of your beer from Jen Pesavento, our Sensory Program Manager!


Check out this Two Roads Ok2berfest word search!

Ok2berfest Word Search 2021.jpg



If you find yourself celebrating on campus or at home – share your images with us by tagging @tworoadsbrewing or using the hashtag #ok2berfest2021