Hop Culture Magazine: The 12 Best Craft Hard Seltzers For Summer 2021 According to the Experts

Written by Grace Weitz

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We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again. Craft hard seltzer is having its moment. According to recent sales data from IWSR Americas, hard seltzers sales are expected to surpass 281 million cases in the United States in 2021. And the uber-popular eCommerce platform Drizly reports that hard seltzers account for 20 percent of its beer sales so far this year.

And we just officially hit summer yet. Yes, primetime seltzer sipping season is here. With more and more cities reopening and people emerging from hibernation to plan beach trips, mountain hikes, and lakehouse getaways, it’s reasonable to predict that craft hard seltzer will continue to make a splash.

That’s a lot of hard seltzer making waves. But with so many breweries jumping in the craft seltzer pool and so many slim cans crowding the shelf, how do you know which ones are worth the squeeze?

Well, we’ve cracked quite a few to find the brands that live up to the buzz. From a Wyoming-based seltzer using fresh mountain water to one featuring uniquely Floridian flavors, here are the best hard seltzers to drink in 2021.

The hard seltzers listed below are presented in alphabetical order by brewery.


Raspberry H2ROADS Craft Hard Seltzer

Two Roads Brewing — Stratford, CT

Named one of our 12 best craft breweries of 2020, Two Roads continually impresses us by taking the road less traveled. The off-road adventure continues with the Connecticut-based brewery’s own spin on hard seltzer. In a bold move, Two Roads leverages real fruit to flavor its H2ROADS series. The extra step amps up the taste, but also adds beautiful color to the seltzer. Raspberry H2ROADS cascades a stunning crimson out of the can. A spritzy fruit aroma combined with deep tones of luscious red berry, Raspberry H2ROADS just crushes it. These seltzers taste authentic because they are authentic. It’s that added touch of real fruit that makes H2ROADS the seltzer we keep going back to again and again.
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