Area Two Experimental Brewing Turns Four!

Cheers to four years of boundary-breaking brews! To kick off Area Two Experimental Brewing’s anniversary, we sat down with Master Brewer Phil Markowski to talk about the evolution of the 25,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility. 

The anniversary will be celebrated with a “Cookie Extravaganza” on March 12th, and the release of our Italian Cookie Stout, a pastry stout at 10% ABV. It’s reminiscent of the iconic, “rainbow cookie,” which features layers of almond-flavored cake, fruity jam, and rich chocolate covering.

Italian Cookie Stout set to be released on March 12th.

Where It Started

When Area Two opened in 2019, Markowski said the brewery would be a place of “boundless experimentation,” that primarily focused on sour, barrel-aged, and experimental beers. 

Coolship used in spontaneous fermentation.

Making it even more unique, it features a coolship; a large, shallow steel pan housed in a separate building facing the property’s wetlands preserve. The coolship, which is used in a process called, “spontaneous fermentation,” is behind some of the world’s most renowned sour beers.

Even the name, “Area Two,” was cleverly and carefully derived from the Two Roads brand. The use of the numeral “2” draws a connection to the main brand while making a subliminal connection to Area 51 to playfully conjure up the concept of experimentation. 

Since then, Markowski said Area Two has gone through an “unforeseen evolution.” Though the focus never strays away from beer, Area Two has become much more. With new product lines like Daybreaker CraftCocktails, hard seltzers, and non-alcoholic brews, it shows that it’s become more than just a brewery. 

At the end of 2022, Two Roads Distilling made its official launch, offering Vodka and a London Dry Gin.

“That’s been for me, a lot of fun – a personal challenge because it’s new to me,” he says. “It’s exciting because I’m learning something new.”

Markowski isn’t stopping there though – he has more up his sleeve. He has distilled three beers from Two Roads – Igor’s Dream, Cherry Quad, and Roadsmary’s Baby into a whiskey. Even though it could be years before they’re ready – he says it will be worth the wait. 

Area Two Experimental Brewing.

A Different Experience

If you’ve been to Two Roads, you’ll know Area Two offers a different feel. Largely focused on developing new products, the newer facility is slower-paced, has a different approach, and offers something Markowski loves – the quiet.

“It’s good for the thought process,” he says. 

Spending most of his time over at Area Two, since the brewery allows smaller pilot batches, Markowski has time to experiment and push the envelope of what beer can be. 

Between Area Two and Two Roads, Markowski says there are roughly 30 different beers to try, so the experience at each brewery won’t be the same. 

Not a beer drinker? Area Two still has something for you! It now offers cocktails made with Two Roads Vodka or Gin and espresso martinis on tap. 

Area Two also recently became a family-friendly facility in recent years and offers a seasonal patio and 21+ rooftop beer garden. 

So, What’s Next? 

As Area Two continues to evolve, Markowski says he doesn’t know exactly what’s next, but that customers will dictate it. The craft beer industry and consumer tastes are always changing – but he’s prepared to adapt.

In the future, there will surely be plenty of beer, unique experimental brews, and perhaps a bit more. 

Inside the brewery at Area Two.

“Nothing makes me happier than walking into our tasting room and seeing people enjoy our beers, “ says Markowski “That never fails to make my day, my week, my month.”






The anniversary festivities kick off March 12th at 12 PM! In addition to the Italian Cookie Stout release, we’ll have live music by Round Two, cookie flights from the expert bakers at Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies, and a cookie decorating table. We will also have our friends from Unbakeables onsite selling their delicious edible cookie dough. Cheers!