We are excited to announce that we’re adding a new product to our year round line up. That’s right, next month we’ll be releasing Cruise Control, an easy-riding helles lager!

This effortlessly refreshing golden lager is built for kicking back and taking it easy down the road less traveled! We spent  nearly a year perfecting this recipe.  Master Brewer, Phil Markowski, “We brewed multiple test batches, first on our pilot system and then on the main brew house. A more nuanced beer such as Cruise Control is too delicate to rush.”

“There is a misconception that a lighter, balanced beer is easier to brew than say, an Imperial Stout. The opposite is true. A classic Helles lager is one of the brewing world’s great enigmas – a seemingly simple beer that in fact wears many faces as it bobs and weaves from maltiness to hoppiness and back again,” Markowski said.

Adding, “This type of beer is not simple, it’s a life’s work!”

Get ready to hit Cruise Control and enjoy the ride next month! Cruise Control Helles Lager, which sits at 4.8% ABV, will be available everywhere Two Roads is sold in draft and both in 12oz. 6-pack and 12-pack cans.