Two Roads Takes On Non-Alcoholic Beer

Non-alcoholic beer gets a bad rap.

“Why would I want a beer that doesn’t get me drunk?”

“What’s the point?”

“Is non-alcoholic beer more healthy”?

These are all common responses when we asked drinkers about non-alcoholic beers. Here us out…what if there was a beer, brewed by world renowned brewers, that didn’t have any alcohol in it and had significantly less calories than the classic Juicy IPA?

Crafted by our Master Brewer, our NA Juicy IPA is a low calorie, easy drinking, and full bodied brew that will keep you going longer at your backyard party, rec game, bike ride, or even bring you the satisfaction of sipping on an ice cold beer when you’re really not looking for the buzz (or maybe just need a break).

The non-alcoholic beverage world has taken off in the last few years. With a focus on health and wellness, non-alcoholic beverages align seamlessly with this mindset. Going out to the bar doesn’t mean you have to slam a few beers and get a little buzzed, now you can slam a few beers and hang with the crew without the concern of calories or getting home safely.

What makes our non-alcoholic beer different? We brew beer all day every day. Our non-alcoholic beer is brewed by people who know beer inside and out and crafted by Phil Markowski, a pioneer in the craft brewing industry. Non-alcoholic beer never had such force behind it!

The history of non-alcoholic beer is a little funny. Let’s break it down:

Non-alcoholic beer dates all the way back to Medieval Europe. The working class would drink this brew during the day as it was more sanitary than drinking the polluted water and the tiniest amounts of alcohol present would be enough to kill unwanted bacteria. This brew was also a part of their daily pay as it was considered nutritious compared to other options available.

True non-alcoholic beer originated in the United States in 1919 during the Temperance movement organized by the Protestant church. This movement first urged moderation, then encouraged drinkers to resist temptation and to encourage others to resist temptation, and ultimately demanded that local, state, and national governments prohibit alcohol outright. Any beer with more than .5% alcohol was considered contraband. Sales, production, importation, and transportation were all banned.

In 1920, this near beer found it’s light during the Prohibition movement. Though, behind closed doors, alcoholic beer surely lived strong.

Currently, 30% of 18-24 year old’s say they do not drink alcohol, while 25% of 25-34 year old’s say the same. The market for non-alcoholic beer is growing every year.  “I like to stay in control”, “My health is my top priority”, and “I don’t need it to have a good time” are some of the top reasons why alcohol isn’t on the mind of these generations. Many say that they feel better after eliminating alcohol from their diet. Non-alcoholic beer has been a top resource for these consumers as they still enjoy the festivities around having a drink with their friends and the taste associated with malt beverages. Non-alcoholic brews allow them to feel in control as they gear up to drive home after a night out. Another advantage is that non-alcoholic beers have less than half the calories of regular beer, thus appealing to the waistline as well!

The evolution of non-alcoholic beer has lived alongside alcoholic beer for centuries. To that, let’s raise a glass to the future of non-alcoholic beers! It can only get better.

Two Roads non-alcoholic Juicy NA IPA is available anywhere Two Roads is sold in the state of Connecticut.