Perfect Pairings: BBQ and Beer

When it comes to summertime barbeques and gatherings, there’s nothing quite like the dynamic duo of mouthwatering BBQ dishes and a perfectly paired beer. Here are our favorite 4th of July BBQ and Beer pairings: 

Cheeseburger & Road 2 Ruin Double IPA

Picture this: a Road 2 Ruin in one hand, and a gooey cheeseburger seared to perfection in the other. This pairing works exceptionally well because the higher alcohol content of Road 2 Ruin cuts through the cheeseburger’s rich and charred savory flavors. The beer’s strong malt profile provides a sweet and robust backbone that can stand up to the bold flavors of the burger.

Hot Dog & Cruise Control Lager

Prepare for a refreshing delight! The sweetness from Cruise Control’s malt profile makes it an excellent companion for a hot dog. It balances out any acidity from added toppings like mustard or relishes superbly. The high carbonation levels and crispness of the lager help counterbalance the savoriness of the hot dog.

BBQ Chicken & Lushee Passion Fruit Tart Ale

Tangy, sweet, and bursting with flavor! This pairing is a match made in BBQ heaven. Lushee Passion Fruit’s light acidity acts as a perfect counterbalance to the sweet, savory, and spicy notes of BBQ chicken. The real passion fruit juice in Lushee not only complements but also brings out the underlying fruity notes in the BBQ sauce.

Corn on the Cob & Lil’ Heaven Crushable IPA

No barbecue is complete without corn on the cob. Enter Lil’ Heaven, with its citrusy and floral notes. The hop-forward profile of this beer complements the natural sweetness and mild flavors of corn on the cob. Additionally, since corn on the cob is often enjoyed in warm weather or outdoor gatherings, Lil’ Heaven’s lower alcohol content and lighter body make for a crushable pairing. 

Fruit Salad & Two Juicy Hazy DIPA

Prepare for a fruity sensation! The tropical fruit flavors from the hops in Two Juicy perfectly complement a fresh fruit salad. These flavors harmonize with the natural sweetness and diverse flavors of the fruit, enhancing the overall fruity experience. Two Juicy’s slight bitterness and balanced malt profile provide a refreshing contrast to the sweetness of the fruit salad.

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