Via Cordis New England IPA

Released in in our tasting room only

Via Cordis (“Road to the Heart”) New England IPA celebrates the brewing history of Catholic monasteries, whose educational model evolved into the modern universities of today, while supporting the brewers of tomorrow.
This beer has been designed and brewed by students of Sacred Heart’s Brewing Science program who spend two semesters working in the SHU Brewing Science lab hosted at Area Two Experimental Brewing. Our partnership fosters learning and innovation in a state-of-the-art operational brewing facility where students get hands-on learning of fermentation science, recipe design and the business of brewing.
The program concludes with each class brewing their own rendition of a new Via Cordis vintage to represent their achievement.
Here’s to carrying on age-old traditions and celebrating the history of brewing – while teaching and inspiring our next generation of brewers!

The Road Less Traveled Series

  • ABV 6%
  • 16 oz 16oz
  • 12 oz On Tap

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