Table Terroir

A 3.7% dry, full-flavored House Ale brewed with Connecticut grown malt and hops. Fermented with our unique yeast strain captured in our Hop Yard. Full of fruity, spicy aromatics and flavors. This table beer is 100% local!

4pk, 12oz bottles


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Area Two’s Table Terroir was named one of the 40 Best Beers in America by USA Today in 2020.

Coming in #46, the newspaper said, “This beer justifies borrowing the term “terroir” from wine-tasting jargon (it means the combined environmental factors that give wine grapes their distinctive character) by sourcing its malts, hops, and yeasts in its native state.”


In 2019, Table Terroir earned a series of accolades from Beer Connoisseur. It was named #44 of the Top 100 Beers of 2019 as well as ranked #2 among American Wild Ales.

Table Terroir also received a 92-rating from Beer Connoisseur, where reviewer Michael Hennif said, ” Seek this one out, even if you are not big on wild and funky beers!”


Table Terroir also landed on the 50 Best Beers of 2019 at VinePair, coming in #22. The magazine said the ale is, “a food-pairing companion and conversation starter that’s as fascinating as it is tasty.



Area Two Experimental Brewing

  • ABV 3.7
  • 12 oz 12oz

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