Hexotic Tropical Lambic and Country Funk Wild Ale make Paste Mag's Best Sours List!
We are honored to have two of our sours make Paste Magazine's Best Sours List. Out of 143 sours, Country Funk was ranked 28th and our GABF gold medal winning tropical lambic Hexotic was named 26th!
To quote the article: "keep your eyes on the Two Roads sour program, because there’s clearly some good stuff going on here." Luckily, we are breaking ground on a new sour facility adjacent to our current brewery in fall of 2017 to be opened sometime in 2018.

Read the article here- https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/07/143-of-the-best-sourwild-ales-blind-tasted-and-ran.html?a=1