Tanker Truck Sour Series Q&A with Master Brewer Phil Markowski
We asked Master Brewer Phil Markowski about our Tanker Truck Sour Series. Our first beer in that series, Passion fruit Gose, is on sale now in shops and restaurants. 

How did the tanker truck come to be? 
We came up with the idea of the tanker truck to allay concerns about knowingly bringing a bacteria (lactobacillus) into the brewery. By keeping the souring bacteria contained within the tanker and away from the most sensitive areas of the brewery we are able to successfully and safely produce our “kettle” soured brands in our main brewery. As people now know, we are building a totally new brewery down the street in order to make sour and funky beers on a larger scale. 

How did you decide to choose passion fruit as the first fruit in Tanker Truck Series?
Passionfruit has always been a favorite of mine. It is also a high-acid fruit. These fruits work the best in beers where the fruit is added during the secondary fermentation and the natural sugars are completely fermented, leaving a drier, less sweet character, yet preserving the recognizable character of the added fruit, in this case passionfruit.

Any food pairing suggestions?
A beer this dry and tart with a background salinity begs to be an aperitif, or a  drink to have before a meal that stimulates the appetite.