Zero 2 Sixty Tart IPA Q&A with Master Brewer Phil Markowski
Two Roads' newest seasonal (to be released in mid-January) is Zero 2 Sixty Tart IPA, a classic IPA base made with Comet and Chinook hops but kettle soured for a pleasant tart kick. 

Master Brewer Phil Markowski answered a few questions about our newest beer, which will be distributed in cans, bottles and draft wherever Two Roads beers are sold as well as be featured in our Beer Bus can variety pack. 

What was your inspiration for Zero 2 Sixty Tart IPA?

We all have witnessed the rise in consumer interest in mixed fermentation sour ales and with the dominant popularity of IPAs in general, mixing the two just made sense.
What brewing methods do you use in order to create this beer?

We do a mixed fermentation with a variety of lactic acid producing bacteria and our house ale yeast. The degree of souring has to be carefully monitored so that the tart flavors remain in balance with the fruit and herbal characteristics of the hops. If too tart the beer would be out of balance and unpleasant to drink. Balance is the key!
Do you see this type of dry-hopped sour beers becoming a trend in American craft brewing?

Yes. I think we will see more dry hopped sour beers on the market. The popularity of sour beers will drive this more than the popularity of dry hopped beers, which are already crazy popular.
What foods do you think pair best with this?

Rind washed “stinky” cheese comes to mind along with salads and fish. This is the type of beer that would work well as an aperitif or in the “cocktail” hour of a beer dinner, the tartness will serve to enhance the appetite.