Two Juicy New England Style IPA- a Q&A with Master Brewer Phil Markowski
What inspired you to create Two Juicy?
Well, I had been hearing about the popularity of east coast IPAs and on a whim decided to brew a version of it on our pilot system for our upcoming Gathering at the Bines event in our Hop Yard. I must say I was not prepared for the reaction we got! I have since dedicated hours of time to trying to source more of the hop varieties that we used to brew Two Juicy. Many of these we had not contracted in advance because we did not anticipate needing them. That’s why we haven’t been able to make a steady supply of the beer but we are looking much better for 2017 production.
The beer is very unfiltered, what gives it that thick juice like appearance? 
We do not filter Two Juicy, we simply allow the hops and most of the yeast to settle out before we put it in kegs. We do not add any bread flour as some brewers are rumored to do. A beer with such a high hopping rate tends to be hazy due to the higher amounts of tannins in the beer from the hops. Tannins react with protein from the malt to form a visible haze. There is also some haze from suspended yeast.
What hops are added? How do they affect the taste? 
We use a variety of hops to develop a strong citrus character such as Mandarina Bavaria, Hallertauer Blanc, Citra and a few others. A brewer has to have some secrets!

Look for Two Juicy at very limited CT bars and at the brewery starting in early December