Area Two's Synopsis Red Fruits Earns 90-point Rating From Beer Connoisseur
Area Two Experimental Brewing’s latest Synopsis latest new flavor, Red Fruits, has just earned a 90-point rating from the brew publication Beer Connoisseur.
Synopsis Red Fruits is a mixed-fermentation wild sour ale that uses wild and cultured yeast strains aged on wood to deliver subtle funk notes while abundant amounts of fruit create a provocative and refreshingly tart beer. Red Fruits deliver a tart, enjoyable pucker thanks to red currant, raspberry and cranberry.

Judge David Sapsis who judged the beer said in his review, “the flavor up-front is fruit, with tart notes of raspberry and cranberry, mixed with a clean and bright lactic tartness that last a good long time into a late sweet-tart fruity late palate.”
“Overall, I think the beer is very good as a wild fruit beer: quite tart, with limited but enticing sweetness and the hint of Brettanamyces pepper. The beer straddles that line of tart but not sour, expressing both fruit and a mild wild ferment character to produce a nice sour-fruit beer. I could drink this beer on the beach in Bali (in between body-surfing stints, mind you) and probably be quite happy,” Sapsis noted.
Enjoy rotating 2 packs, quarterly drops of new flavors, 6.4% ABV, and availability anywhere Area Two Experimental Brewing products are sold.