Two Tanker Truck Sour Series Gose are now Available Year Round
After a tremendous consumer response in 2017, we are thrilled to announce that two beers from our popular Tanker Truck Sour Series will be available year-round starting February 10th. We chose two of our most popular fruit-flavored goses, Passion Fruit and Persian Lime, to anchor the year-round offerings. Both beers will be available in draft and 4-pack 16 oz. cans wherever Two Roads is sold. 

The Tanker Truck Sours Series is our lineup of fruit-forward, refreshingly tart beers that are soured in an old dairy truck, which sits adjacent to the brewery. The use of a tanker truck plays into the philosophy of taking The Road Less Traveled and also showcases our love of innovation in the brewing world. The Tanker Truck is decorated and visitors to our Tasting Room can view the real-life counterpart of the truck that’s represented on the packaged product. The demand for the beer has increased so much, we added a second tanker truck in early 2018.

In addition to having two year-round goses, a rotating flavor will be introduced every few months in draft and 16 oz. cans. In December of 2017, we released Clementine Gose, which sold very quickly. The next limited flavor coming out in late March will be a gose made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Gose fans and wine drinkers alike will appreciate the distinctive tropical fruit notes, including aromas and flavors reminiscent of passion fruit, gooseberries, lime, honeydew melon and a pleasing mineral dryness.