Two Roads named one of the top ten best breweries of 2017 by Paste Magazine
We are truly honored to be included in this list! 

From the article: Two Roads is the largest craft brewery in Connecticut, and that certainly must play into why they simply don’t seem to receive the respect they deserve as makers of world-class beers. This is an unpleasant reality of the craft beer hype cycle—get big enough, or successful enough, and it’s that much harder to generate beers that really get people excited. But man, you should be getting excited about some of these Two Roads brews. Few breweries have been as consistent in Pasteblind tastings in the last two years. Allow me to simply note some of the places they’ve finished: 2 out of 67 in stouts under 8%; 4 out of 64 in goses, 26 and 28 out of 143 in sour/wild ales and 5 out of 63 in pumpkin beer, just for starters. Those last four beers listed have something else in common, all having come from this brewery’s profoundly underrated sour/wild program. Entries in Two Roads’ “Tanker Truck Series” of fruited sours in particular are a wonderful midpoint between complexity and accessibility to drinkers beginning their exploration of beer’s sour side. It’s a brewery that tends to present us with entries that are simply friendly, free from flaws and extremely easy to enjoy, and we have huge respect for that kind of consistency.

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