If you thought that Two Roads’ Tanker Truck Sour Series was delicious and refreshing now, just wait until you try our new goses focused cocktail series thanks to the help from professional mixologist Dave Blomberg.

Blomberg says his life behind the bar started nearly two decades ago in New York City. “I believe I have worked in every style of bar in the city and I soaked up as much food, culture and culinary technique as I could. Since then, my passion for bartending has taken me from Vermont to South Florida and then finally, back home to New Haven,” Blomberg said.

Blomberg previously tended bar at Ordinary in New Haven, which Conde Nast named one of the best bars in the world. It was his time there that he says he “truly learned to craft a cocktail with an artistic eye.”

The New Haven, CT resident has traded his life behind the bar for a life on the road with the start of CT Cocktail Car, a mobile bar that has been restored and renovated out of a classic 1974 VW bus. Blomberg can virtually take the party to you with a classic eye catching twist, much like the Tanker Truck cocktails he’s created for Two Roads.

“This year, you can expect fun and interesting approaches to beer cocktails (using TR goses.) I’ll do plays on classic drinks like the French 75 and the daiquiri but also make cocktails that the home enthusiast can make using accessible ingredients. I aim to make those drinks as easy as they are delicious,” Blomberg said.

The gose is a salty and sour beer style that originated in Goslar, Germany and its flavor profile, while refreshing on its own, takes on a whole new identity when transformed into a cocktail. With the help of Blomberg, Two Roads is looking to combine its growing line of Tanker Truck fruited goses with the trending category of craft cocktails to create delicious, fruit forward Tanker Cocktails to be enjoyed by customers in a variety of settings and occasions.

“Goses are uniquely suited to be used as cocktail mixers because of their lightness in body and flavor. And since they already have that juicy acidity, Two Roads fruited goses are a near perfect substitute for cocktails that require soda water, or sparkling wine, and citrus juice,” he added.

Blomberg has started to create a series of refreshing cocktail recipes open to all experience levels from the at-home cocktail enthusiast to a high-end mixologist can enjoy. Fans can soon expect to see video instruction of the Tanker Truck Cocktails on social, as well as recipe cards and drink specials on and off premise.

An example of Blomberg’s creativity would be The Southern Gentleman:

1oz Bourbon
Juice from ½ an orange
8oz Clementine Gose
Orange wedge

Add all ingredients over a pint glass with ice.
Garnish with orange wedge.