Do you allow kids and dogs?
Only people 21+ (no children, minors, babies) can enter our facility/beer garden (you can bring in kids under 21 if you are stopping by to go to the shop or to get growlers) and only service dogs are allowed. Dogs are adorable and sweet but unfortunately, you will have to go it alone without your dog in our beer garden. Sadly, for safety, hygiene and liability reasons we have to enforce this no-dogs policy. With a crowd of people and other dogs, a dog’s behavior can be less predictable. Also, we don’t have a hard surface in our garden, making any messy clean up next to impossible. We hope you understand and will enjoy the beer garden despite this. 

What about large groups/party buses?
If you are a party of larger than 15 or a brewery tour/party bus, please phone ahead. PARTY BUSES: Two Roads doesn't allow unannounced party buses during tasting room hours. If you have any questions about private tour options please contact Dan (
How does your tasting room work?
We sell pints and tasters of our beers to enjoy on premises. We offer six packs and growlers as our beer to-go options. In addition to our tasting room, we have a merchandise room where you can buy t-shirts, glassware and other Two Roads swag. On Saturdays we are known to reach capacity so plan your visit with this in mind. 
Last Call?
last call is ½ hr. before close with service discontinuing 15 minutes before close. In accordance with CT law, we don’t sell growlers and beer to go after 6 p.m. on Sundays.
Can I buy kegs from you?
No, you cannot purchase any kegs at our brewery. We reccomend reaching out  to your local retailer. 
What about food?
DURING COVID REGULATIONS - no outside food can be brought in & food must be purchased from the food truck / pop-up!

When normal business resumes, we have snacks for sale and you can always bring in your favorite food (order a pizza or local delivery from our menu book!) to eat. Starting around 330 p.m. on weekdays, we will have a food truck outside. Food trucks are parked outside all day on Saturday/Sunday. Food truck schedule is here-
What about other people's growlers?
DURING COVID REGULATIONS - we will only be filling our own growlers when available through our Beer 2 Go portal

When regular business resumes, we do but we will have to sticker the bottle with a Two Roads sticker to make sure people know what’s inside! We do have our growlers and 32 oz “growlitos” for purchase.
How much beer can I buy from you? Can I buy multiple cases?
In accordance with CT law, we can only sell one person 1152 oz per day. This breaks down to either 4 cases of 12 oz of beers, or 3 cases of 16 oz beers, or 18 growlers or 36 growlitos. Please feel free to give us a call or ask one of our tasting room managers if you have any questions. 
Where can I buy a keg locally?
Most larger liquor stores carry keg inventory or you can call your favorite package store and have them reserve you a keg of Two Roads if they do keg sales. 
Do you give tours?
DURING COVID REGULATIONS - We will not be offering tours

When normal business resumes, you can sign up for a tour in the merchandise room- day of, first come, first served. Cost is $5 is limited to 20 people. The tour lasts about an hour. Our tours are very popular so please plan ahead and arrive early if you are planning to take the tour. Please see the about us section of the website for tour times. 
Can I wear open-toe shoes if I want to go on your tour?
Unfortunately not, when you take a tour at Two Roads or Area Two you will be walking on our production floors where frequently there is hot water or liquids on the ground. For your safety, we ask that you wear closed-toe shoes ONLY on our tours. Also, please note safety glasses are also required and will be provided by Two Roads for anyone taking the tour.
Can you ship beer to me?
We do not ship beer directly to the consumer.
Can I have a job?
Refer to the jobs page on our website for available positions.
I see you contract brew for other people- can I buy that at the brewery?
We only sell/serve Two Roads products at the brewery. 
I’m bringing a large group in – can I reserve space in the tasting room?
We will be separating a semi-private party area in our tasting room soon for small parties/groups that will be available Tuesday-Thursday. Otherwise the tasting room is a first-come, first-serve facility.
Do you have non-alcoholic beverages?
Yes, we have soda available and a water cooler next to the merchandise room.
What about a Gluten Free option?
We don't make a gluten free beer ourselves but we sell a gluten free beer at the bar.
Do you send coasters/labels/bottle caps to collectors?
Yes! We love collectors. Just send us a self-addressed stamped envelope and a buck or two to cover extra costs (coasters need to be sent parcel post so it's more pricey to mail them). We do not ship labels/coasters overseas. 
Does your bottle have a bottling date on it?
Yes! We want to make sure that you’re drinking the freshest beer available so all beers will have a bottling date so you know when your exact beer was bottled.
Why does your bottled beer sometimes have sediment at the bottom of the bottle?

This is a common and perfectly reasonable question that we often get asked. When the fermentation and aging of a beer are completed the next phase before packaging is filtration. Filtration is necessary because a certain amount of yeast or hops have settled to the bottom of the fermenting vessel. At Two Roads we choose to only partially filter our products in order to preserve the maximum degree of fresh beer flavor. This is typical of many craft breweries who tend to emphasize flavor and aroma over appearance. The more aggressively you filter a beer the more the delicate flavor components tend to be taken out of the product.

Sediment found in bottles occurs over time and is entirely safe and natural. It is not unlike the pulp sediment that accumulates at the bottom of a container of fresh-squeezed fruit juice. It is a sign of an unprocessed food product. 

Sediment can be more pronounced in a highly hopped beer such as our Road 2 Ruin, Honeyspot Road White IPA and Ol’ Factory Pils. This is because hops form a precipitate over time that may settle to the bottom of the bottle. Craft brewers refer to this as the “snow globe effect”. You won’t see this in a large industrial brewery as their approach favors appearance over flavor.

Remember, this sediment is completely safe to consume. It’s presence simply indicates a beer that has only been lightly filtered. Some people choose to mix it in when pouring into a glass while others prefer to decant off the sediment when pouring. It’s a “dealers choice”!

Do you offer internships?
We do not offer internships at this time.