Tanker Truck Cocktail: The Strawberry Rosé Bouquet
What screams summer refreshment better than rosé? How about a rosé cocktail using our Tanker Truck Sour Series Rosé Gose, fresh strawberries and ginger? That’s exactly what Dave Blomberg from CT Cocktail Car has created in order to give everyone that perfect summer cooler! This week we give you The Strawberry Rosé Bouquet:
The Ingredients:
1 oz clear spirit of your choice of clear spirit,  we used vodka
1 oz strawberry and ginger syrup, see syrup recipe below
8 oz of our Tanker Truck Sour Series Rosé gose
A big basil bouquet for garnish
The Method:
Add all ingredients to a tall glass. Add ice and garnish. Use whatever herbs are plentiful and fresh and you can't go wrong, especially with the winning combo of strawberry and ginger.
Make Ahead Syrup Method:
Combine equal parts of sugar and water in a pot and bring to a simmer. Add half as much sliced strawberries and ginger to taste and let sit overnight in fridge. Strain and bottle. Keep for up to one week. To prolong shelf life, you can add a teaspoon of vodka!