Taking It Slow With Our Miles 2 Go Unfiltered Lager
This week marks the rerelease of our Miles 2 Go Unfiltered Lager, which is inspired by the fresh, naturally settled lager beers brewed for local consumption by small country breweries, known as landbrauerei. These breweries are typically offshoots of farms that dot the countryside in the northern Bavarian province of Franconia. Landbrauerei are typically family operations that serve their local village or small town.
Unfiltered lager beers can be found throughout Germany but their prevalence is notable in Franconia and elsewhere in Bavaria. Sometimes known as kellerbier (“beer from the cellar”) or zwickelbier (meaning loosely “a sample of beer”), these simple beers exhibit a profound, slightly raw freshness as they still contain some yeast and additional proteins that are normally stripped out in the filtration process. Flavor profiles have hints of yeast and sulphur that are typical of very fresh lager beer.
Two Roads Miles 2 Go takes these characteristics and marries them with the malt-forward sophistication of Bavarian styles such as Maerzen and Doppelbock. When formulating Miles 2 Go we were not trying to “nail” a particular style but rather meld the best of several styles into a truly unique brew!
So sit back, crack open a Miles 2 Go and we hope you enjoy the journey!