Q&A with Ryan Pancoast

We spoke to 2014 CONNartist winner and Stratford, CT native Ryan Pancoast, who also now draws our popular and limited Igor's Dream Rye Russian Imperial Stout label. 

We are currently accepting submissions for our third annual contest. The winner gets $1000 and their art on one of our 300 BBL fermenters. See more info here- 

Two Roads- What inspired you to create your winning piece? 

Pancoast- The competition theme in 2014 was "Industry in CT" so instead of trying to include everything produced in the state in one image, I decided to focus on one. Shipbuilding is an industry that has long been associated with Connecticut, with it's long coastline and numerous ports. What's interesting about shipbuilding in Connecticut is how it has changed and evolved. We may no longer produce many whaling ships, but we still manufacture the most advanced naval vessels in the world. I tried to show this in my painting.

Two Roads- How has CONNartist affected your art in any way?

Pancoast- For the CONNartist painting, I used more saturated color than I normally do. I knew that if I had the good fortune to win, I would want the art to have a big impact when displayed on the fermenter at Two Roads.

Two Roads- What are you currently up to with your art? 

Pancoast- I'm still working as a freelance illustrator, working mostly in the gaming industry. Recently I was honored to illustrate the 2016 Igor's Dream label.

Two Roads- Any recommendations for future artists?

Pancoast- I always tell student artists to continue to draw. Draw from your imagination, but also from life; draw your friends, household objects and pets. Drawing is the most important foundational skill you can possess.

Ryan Pancoast currently lives in Rhode Island. You can see more of his art here-