How to “Hold” Your Own Steinholding Competition at Home
Steinholding, also known as Masskrugstemmen, is a traditional Bavarian feat of strength and endurance found at almost every Oktoberfest celebration across the globe. Every fall at our very own two-day Ok2berfest, one of the highlights is our own steinholding competition. Participants from the crowd test their strength for all the glory, raising their steins filled to the brim with delicious bier on stage to see who can last the longest.

No beer can be spilled, no elbows can be bent. The last person standing leaves with a sore arm and bragging rights for the whole year.
Although our annual Ok2berfest has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve included 2 commemorative steins inside our Home2berfest Party Packs in order for you to enjoy this traditional game of strength at home! 

The U.S. Men's National Record is currently 21 minutes, 17 seconds, set by Michael Tyler at the 2018 Lenny Coyne Memorial Hofbräu National Masskrugstemmen Championships. The U.S. Women's National Record is currently 5 minutes, 34 seconds, set by Jennifer Kuklentz at the 2019 Lenny Coyne Memorial Hofbräu National Masskrugstemmen Championships.

So how long can you expect to go? According to the U.S. Steinholding Association, “Your typical guy can usually last somewhere in the 3-5 minute range, with ladies lasting between 1-2 minutes.”

We snagged the official U.S Steinholding Association Rules from the U.S. Steinholding Association and while it’s important to note their rules are for the official 1L dimpled stein, not the Two Roads Home2berfest commemorative stein, when it comes down to challenging your friends these rules still apply.

Alright, enough with the history! Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

How to Compete:

1.         The person who can hold their stein with proper form (as described in the rules below) for the longest without being disqualified will be considered the winner.
2.         An infraction of any rule will result in a strike being issued by the judge. After two strikes, the third strike results in immediate disqualification of the person.
3.         If any amount of beer spills or drips off of the stein, the person is disqualified, regardless of the number of strikes previously assigned.
4.         Once the match has started and the person has extended their arm, they may not set the stein back down, switch hands, or touch the stein with their off-hand to make any adjustments to grip.

The Rules:

1.         A 1L dimpled glass stein with handle must be used. The stein itself should weigh approximately 3 lbs.
2.         The stein must be filled with liquid to the 1L lip.
3.         The stein must be gripped by the handle.
4.         The thumb may not rest on top of the stein handle; it must rest on the other fingers.
5.         The pinkie finger may be held outside of the handle. If the pinkie is outside the handle, it may only touch the handle, not the main body of the stein.
6.         The stein must be gripped such that the front of the stein faces away from the person. The stein may not be gripped sideways.
7.         Limited arching of the back is tolerable, however only minimal leaning is acceptable. In the vertical plane, the person’s elbow must never cross behind the front of the hips or the front of the ankle of either foot.
8.         Leaning to the left or right side is unacceptable; the upper torso may not be noticeably angled to the left or right side and the line between a person’s shoulder blades should remain close to parallel to the ground.
9.         The stein must be held out directly in front of the person, not out to the side. The line between a person’s shoulders should remain close to perpendicular with the arm holding the stein.
10.       The arm holding the stein must remain close to parallel with the ground and should be extended straight with no bending at the elbow.
11.       The arm holding the stein must remain separated from the chest of the competitor. The chest may not be used as a shelf to support the arm.
12.       The off-hand should remain at the person’s side or back and may not touch or support the arm holding the stein.
13.       Competitors may not contact any other structures, objects, or people during the competition.
14.       Competitors must stand within their personal area and may not move more than is necessary to make adjustments ensuring proper form during the competition.
15.       If any amount of beer spills or drips off of the stein, the person is disqualified, regardless of the number of strikes previously assigned. NOTE: During outdoor competitions or humid conditions, judges should be sure to differentiate between dripping resulting from condensation or sweat, and dripping resulting from beer spillage.

Judging Guidelines:

1.         Within the first 60 seconds of a competition, judges may provide corrections to competitors (hold higher, straighten back, straighten elbow, etc.) without assigning an official strike. This does not apply to spillage, which results in immediate disqualification even during the first 60 seconds.
2.         Judges should be conservative but consistent and fair when assessing competitors.