An Important Message Regarding COVID-19
With the abundance of caution concerning the growing cases of COVID-19, we at Two Roads Brewing Co. and Area Two Experimental Brewing would like to address and inform our Two Roads community on how we are handling our sanitation efforts.
For the time being, we intend to continue serving our patrons and customers with sensible and heightened precaution. We intend to follow the guidelines set forth by our state and local governments as those are put into place. We will do our best to communicate with the Two Roads/Area Two community as much as possible regarding any potential changes as the situation evolves.
We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our tastings rooms, but out of an abundance of caution, we’ve worked internally as a company to increase our sanitation practices even beyond the high standards we already follow both in our public tasting rooms and our private events. We currently have a cleaning crew frequently cleaning all common surfaces. Our staff has also been instructed in specific preventative measures they can take. Our efforts including the following:
  • Placed sanitizing stations located in the foyers of both tasting rooms to be used upon entering and exiting each brewery.
  • Our cleaning teams are conducting deep sanitization of frequently touched items such as door knobs, panels, bathroom stalls (including locks and doors) and railings on an hourly basis.
Our tasting room staff members are also doing the following:
  •    Keeping sanitizing agents available for employees and patrons. 
  •    Deep cleaning and sanitizing all bar and table surfaces when they become vacant.
  •    Continue to implement industry standards for assuring clean glassware and tasting paddles.
We ask that all guests and employees at home and in our tasting rooms conduct the following precautionary measures:
  •    Stay home if you have any symptoms of illness.
  •    Use hand sanitizer stations when available and wash your hands whenever you can.
  • Sneeze and/or cough into your shoulder/sleeves instead of your hand.
  • Practice social distancing at your discretion.
If there are any concerns or questions about our enhanced sanitary efforts, we encourage you all to ask us directly so we can maintain our standards of excellent service.
We want to thank our community for understanding and adapting to this current situation. We don’t know how long this will continue in this fashion, but we want to ensure that our customers and employees remain happy and healthy. Cheers.