A Taste of Home: Our House Ale at Area Two
Table Terroir is a beer made for CT and made of CT. So, now, what does that mean?
The French often use the term “terroir” (pronounced “ter-wahr”) to describe a unique character of something, usually a food or wine. It refers to attributes that exhibit a “sense of place” and locality; traits that cannot exist or be recreated elsewhere.
For our “House Ale,” we wanted to create a beer with our own terroir – or a unique character of our new place. A beer that could not exist anywhere else but at Area Two. We wanted this beer to be approachable and “sessionable” – a brew that will remain enjoyable but not fatiguing, over multiple glasses and multiple hours in the company of good friends.
A House Ale should be easy drinking but not boring. That was the simple mandate we gave ourselves in creating Table Terroir. We chose to create a “Table Ale,” an old fashioned low-alcohol ale common to many beer drinking cultures in Europe and elsewhere. The Belgians commonly used the term “Table Ale” to describe a 3% - 4% light ale that could be consumed by the entire family at mealtime.
However, this style became basically extinct in modern Europe – which is one of the reasons we wanted to brew one at Area Two. Additionally, “Table Ale” fit the essential requirements for an excellent house ale – lower alcohol, the right amount of flavor and complexity to remain interesting but not overwhelming and, last but not least, there was only one place you could get it, our “house” Area Two!
So what gives our Table Terroir it’s “terroir”? Well, a little bit of everything we put in it! We use 100% Connecticut grown malt – barley from Thrall Family Maltings in Windsor and wheat malt from Cormier Farms in Farmington. The hops we use in Table Terroir are the Santiam variety grown by Smokedown Farms in Sharon, CT. Last but not least, we ferment the beer with our unique and highly expressive “GB-2” yeast. It was captured in our very own Hop Yard located between Two Roads and Area Two. All of these ingredients combine to make a brew that is impossible to make elsewhere.
So enjoy a Table Terroir or three. One thing is for certain – you won’t find it anywhere else!