S.H.O.P series Single Hop Xtra Pale Ale5.20% ABV
S.H.O.P. Extra Pale Ale Series
S.H.O.P. stands for "Single Hop Original Pilot" and is also a nod to our building's past life as a massive machine shop. 
As the name suggests, this special brew will be made entirely with a single hop variety and will only be available in the Two Roads Tasting Room. 
We will release a different S.H.O.P. Extra Pale Ale each month. The 'Extra Pale' character lends a lean malt backdrop that lets the hops do most of the talking!
Tasting a S.H.O.P. Extra Pale Ale will be both fun and educational. We will feature mostly experimental varieties but will occasionally revisit classic varieties.
Limited Release
Pilot Series
Tanker Truck Sours
On Sabbatical (for the time being)