Igor's Dream Russian Imperial Stout12% ABV

Bottles released in January at the brewery with limited draft at bars/restaurants

In honor of Stratford’s aviation pioneer Igor Sikorsky, we’ve created this most unorthodox Russian Imperial Stout. Made with rye and aged in oak whiskey barrels that give it a depth of character like no other. We think Igor would be pleased with the attention to detail in our creation.

2015 GIBF gold medal- Russian Imp. Stout 

Each year we release varietals of Igor's Dream at the brewery only.
2019: Igor's Dream aged in Absinthe Barrels & Igor's Dream aged in Ruby Port casks.
2018: Igor's Dream aged on Cocoa Husks in Rye Whiskey Barrels & Igor's Dream aged in Cherry Bitters Barrels
2017: Igor's Dream aged in Gin Barrels & Igor's Dream aged in Armagnac Barrels
2016: Igor's Dream aged in Scotch Barrels & Igor's Dream aged in Maple Whiskey Barrels
2015: Igor's Dream aged in Cognac Barrels & Igor's Dream aged in Madeira Barrels 

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