Hop Varieties Tasting Notes
Comet and Galaxy Overly citrus, with dank notes of grapefruit, tropical fruits and freshly-mown grass.
Denali Bursting with pineapple, citrus and juicy tropical fruit flavors balanced by light pine notes and an underlying toasted malt character
Motueka Pronounced "Moy-Too-ekka" is a cross between Czech Saaz and a "New Zealand breeding selection", meaning an experimental NZ hop variety. Motueka’s sensory character is described as "lively", with notes of lime and lemon and general tropical fruit.
Chinook & Crystal Notes of bright red berries from the addition of Chinook hops with added spicy and woody character from the Crystal hops.
Hallertauer Blanc Grown in the Hallertauer region, the prime hop growing area of Germany and named "blanc" as a reference to its flavor and aroma resemblance to white wine. Moderate character featuring pineapple, gooseberry, white grape, fresh lemongrass stalk, and passion fruit.
Delta & Ekuanot This hop duo provide spicy and earthy notes with some funky tropical aromas such as lime and papaya.
Waimea & Bru 1 These hops provide a huge burst of citrus aroma with intense notes of pineapple, mango and tangelo.
Idaho 7 and El Dorado Partnering these hops together provide big tropical fruit flavors, with notes of red grapefruit, papaya, watermelon and pear with some slight hints of black tea.
Jarrylo and Meridian Two new varieties developed in the Pacific Northwest, these hops exhibit aromas of pear, orange and berry and overall greatly enhance the hoppy impression of the brew.

SHOP (Specialty Hop) Pale Ale is our first pale ale to be released in the market and will aim to showcase and educate our customers on a variety of new and exciting hops available today. While the foundation of the beer will remain the same, the hops used will rotate on a monthly to bi-monthly basis.
SHOP cans will be exclusively available in our Beer Bus Variety Pack. Make sure you check the back panel of each bus to find out which hop varieties are being featured.  The name of the hop varieties can also be found on the bottom of each SHOP can. See the pictures for reference. Above you can find a listing of the hop varieties used for each batch of SHOP and learn more about the unique characteristics they impart on this beer.
SHOP Pale Ale will also be available in the tasting room.

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