SHOP (Specialty Hop) Pale Ale is our first pale ale to be released in the market and will aim to showcase and educate our customers on a variety of new and exciting hops available today. While the foundation of the beer will remain the same, the hops used will rotate on a quarterly basis.

SHOP cans will be exclusively available in our Hoppy Beer Bus Variety Pack. Make sure you check the back panel of each bus to find out which hop varieties are being featured.  The name of the hop varieties can also be found on the bottom of each SHOP can.

SHOP Pale Ale will also be available in the tasting room on draft as well as in 12 oz cans.

  • ABV 5.2
  • IBU 20
  • SRM 5
  • 12 oz 12oz
  • 12 oz On Tap

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