Everything But The Kitchen Sink Hazy Juicy IPA

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As the American craft beer scene has exploded, consumers and brewers alike have been clamoring for more and more hop character in their beer – leading to the creation of “advanced” hop products like the ones we use in this outrageously hazy and juicy IPA. When it comes to Advanced Hop Products we’ve thrown in everything but the kitchen sink!

4pk, 16oz cans


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Limited ReleasesJuicyHazyIPA

  • ABV 7.2

Flavor Notes

When it came to adding hops and advanced hop products, Phil threw in Everything But The Kitchen Sink including Cascade Hop Extract, Comet Hop Hash, Citra Lupulin Powder, Hallertau Blanc Hop Distillate, T-90 pellets from Cascade, Centennial, Amarillo, Mosaic, Simcoe, Galaxy hops!⁣

  • 16 oz 16oz
  • 12 oz On Tap

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