Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your hours?
We have new hours that we have reopened after temporarily closing due to COVID-19. Please see below and welcome back!

Thursday: 4 - 9 PM
Friday: 4 - 9 PM
Saturday: 12 - 9 PM
Sunday: 12 - 6 PM
Please visit for more info and booking reservations.
Please note, last call is thirty minutes for close with all serving concluded 15 minutes before close.

Where is Area Two Located?
We are located right next to Two Roads Brewing Co. in Stratford. 1526 Stratford Avenue, Stratford, CT 06614.

What is your child and pet policy?
We only allow those who are 21+ to enter Area Two (as well as Two Roads Brewing). Just like TRB, while everyone here LOVES dogs, we do have a no-dog policy at Area Two – however service dogs are allowed.

How can we contact you?
We can be reached by email as well as phone. To email us please use or to call please dial 203-335-2010. You can also follow us on Instagram @AreaTwoBrewing

Do you have food at Area Two?
We sure do! We offer assorted cheeses and artisanal crackers from Fairfield Cheese Company as well as monthly kitchen pop-ups! Follow us online @AreaTwoBrewing on Instagram and Area Two Experimental Brewing on Facebook for up-to-date details.

Do you offer growlers at Area Two?
We do not offer growlers at Area Two at this time.

Do you offer tours?
Not at this time due to COVID restrictions.

Current Area Two Offerings:

Table Terroir - A low alcohol, dry and full-flavored ale brewed with Connecticut grown malt and hops. Fermented with our unique yeast strain captured in our Hop Yard. Full of fruity, spicy aromatics and flavors. This table beer is 100% local! 3.7%
Bottles Available To-Go (single 12 oz. / 4 pk 12 oz.)

The Dirty - Hard seltzer barrel-aged in gin and vermouth barrels separately and then blended together with olive juice to create the perfect ‘dirty martini.’ Nitrogenated. Served up with an olive. 13%
Only on tap at Area Two
Twoquila - We took our Two Roads Persian Lime Gose, brewed it with agave and aged it in authentic tequila barrels from Jalisco, Mexico. Time spent in these barrels imparts an oaky character and subtle notes of blue agave. A touch of fresh lime juice perfects this most delightful brew. 8.2%
On Tap & Cans Available To-Go (single 16 oz. / 2 pk 16 oz.)

Synopsis Blackberry - A unique sour ale fermented with bacteria and wild and cultured yeast strains. It is then aged on wood and abundantly fruited with real blackberries for a complex, refreshingly tart beer. This mixed-fermentation process delivers subtle funk notes while the blackberry highlights huge juicy berry flavors and earthy undertones. 6.4% ABV 
On Tap & Cans Available To-Go (single 16 oz. / 2 pk 16 oz.)

Synopsis Guava - A unique sour ale fermented with bacteria and wild and cultured yeast strains. It is then aged on wood and abundantly fruited with real guava for a complex, refreshingly tart beer. This mixed-fermentation process delivers subtle funk notes while the guava provides a floral aroma, tropical notes and refreshingly tart flavor. 6.4% ABV
On Tap & Cans Available To-Go (single 16 oz. / 2 pk 16 oz.)
Black Raspberry Lambic - ​Aged for almost two years in American and French Oak barrels, this brew is made with over 4 lbs. of European black raspberries per gallon yielding a beautiful, ink-like appearance. It strikes the perfect balance of lambic sourness with dark berry flavors. 6.7% ABV
On Tap & Limited Bottles Available To-Go (375ml)
Pear Lambic – Aged for two years in oak barrels and richly fruited with French pears, this beer is created with our, Area Two experimental approach to the classic Lambic style. A captivating aroma and a fruity, woody flavor on the palate create the perfect balance of tart meets fresh pear character. 7.0% ABV
On Tap & Limited Bottles Available To-Go (375ml)
Gueuze - Our one-of-a-kind gueuze is a tradition-inspired blend of 1, 2 and 3-year-old lambic-style ales. This gueuze delivers a complex sour ale with notes of oak and farmhouse funk contributed by the mature lambic and a lively acidity from the younger. Our gueuze is bottle conditioned for a dry, sparkling experience three years in the making. 7.0% ABV
On Tap & Limited Bottles Available To-Go (375 ml)
Kriek Lambic – A metric ton of Michigan-grown Montmorency cherries mesmerize in this lip-smacking Kriek.  Divided up, that equals 4lbs. of cherries in each gallon of this profoundly tart, deep crimson brew.  A wild yeast fermentation and aging for two years in French oak delivers a subtle funk accompanied by intense notes of sour cherry. Santé! 7.0% ABV
On Tap & Limited Bottles Available To-Go (375ml)
Hexotic Lambic – Featuring 6 different exotic fruits – mango, orange, passion fruit, guava, pineapple and guanabana – fused together with B. clausenii and various wild cultures. Aged in wood barrels, this Beglian-inspired sour ale exudes notes of exotic tropical fruits abounding with the expressive funk of this classic style. 8.0% ABV
On Tap & Limited Bottles Available To-Go (375ml)
Kveik Hothead - A farmhouse ale brewed with a variety of Norwegian Farmhouse Yeast known as HotHead. Pleasant aromas of dried apricot and mango are met with a light, fruity body with notes of toasted biscuit and a soft carbonation. 4.5% ABV
On Tap Only at Area Two
Brett Noir - This beer’s label may be mostly black and white, but its flavor is vivid color.  Brett Noir is fermented with pinot noir grapes and Brett “B” yeast, and then aged nine months in red wine barrels sourced from a venerated Napa Valley vintner. The result of this blockbuster is a complex thriller with funky fruit and matured grape notes. 7.0% ABV
On Tap & Cans Available To-Go (single 16 oz. / 2 pk 16 oz.)

Urban Funk - Urban Funk is fermented using a one-of-a-kind mix of wild yeast - found right in our small city by the beer-loving scientists at a nearby university.  Our blend is especially rare, having been captured during the 2012 hurricane, Superstorm Sandy.  Fermented in concrete and aged in steel, the result is a totally experimental, totally sour and funk beer straight out of Stratford. 6.0% ABV
On Tap & Cans Available To-Go (single 16 oz. / 2 pk 16 oz.)

Flanders-Style Red - Inspired by the classic sour red ales of northern Belgium. Our Flanders Red spent over 2 years in the barrel to slowly develop the characteristic fruity, slightly acetic sour notes that define this rare style of ale. 8.3% ABV
On Tap Only at Area Two

Bourbon BA Cherry Quad - We took Two Roads Cherry Quad and aged it in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels. Intermingling notes of cherry and bourbon in this 14% brew makes it a definite sipper. 14.0% ABV
On TapOnly at Area Two

Second Life - We took the black raspberries from our Black Raspberry Lambic and the Montmorency sour cherries from our Kriek and gave them life -- well, a Second Life that is! We combined the fruit in a foudre with a two-year-old experimental brew unique to Area Two. After 8 more months of aging, this wild beer is the ultimate sour experience of black raspberry, sour cherry and funk! 5.5% ABV
On Tap & Limited Bottles Available To-Go (500ml)

Two Roads Offerings:

Cruise Control - Helles Lager, 4.8% ABV, On Tap & Available To-Go
Two Juicy - Double Dry Hopped Hazy Juicy IPA, 8.2% ABV, 16oz Can & Available To-Go
Persian Lime Gose - Gose Brewed w/ Persian Limes, 4.8% ABV, On Tap
H2ROADS Craft Hard Seltzer - Pineapple, 4.5% ABV, On Tap
Rye Barrel-Aged Espressway – Rye Barel-Aged Coffee Stout, 7.5%, On Tap & Available To-Go
Cloud Souced- Hazy Juicy IPA, On Tap & Available To-Go
Ok2berfest – Marzen-Style Lager, 5.8%, On Tap & Available To-Go
Roadsmary’s Baby – Rum Barrel-Aged Pumpkin Ale, 6.8%, On Tap & Available To-Go
Wee Demon – Low-Cal IPA, 3.8%, 12oz Can & Available To-Go
No Limits – Hefeweizen, 5.0% ABV, On Tap

Additional Offerings Available for On-Premise Consumption or To-Go:

Urban Funk 2018 –Wild Ale Brewed with Captured Yeast from the Two Roads Vault. 5.7% ABV, 375ml

Bière de CT 2018 – Ale Brewed with CT Ingredients, Two Roads Yeast and Honey from the Vault. 7.6% ABV, 375ml

Harvest Hand 2019 - This saison is brewed with locally grown rye, barley and wheat and re-fermented in the bottle with an authentic Belgian Farmhouse yeast. An abundance of complex tropical fruit and spice notes compliment the dry, floral snap of the rye, creating a truly unique farmhouse ale with a bounty of flavor. 5% ABV, 375ml
Brett Noir 2019 – Brett Noir is fermented with pinot noir grapes and Brett Bruxellensis yeast, and then aged nine months in French Limousin Oak and American White Oak foudres sourced from two venerated Napa Valley vintners. It’s a complex, dramatic ale with mild, funky fruit and wine flavors that hits at 6.5% ABV, 375ml bottle
Calva 2019 - Calvados, an apple brandy from Normandy, France, is traditionally aged in wooden foudres. We acquired one such vessel and aged our ale, dubbed Calva, inside for nine months to capture its unique essence. At its core, Calva is a crisp, slightly soured brew with an apple bouquet. You’ll find notes of apple and pineapple with an oaky dry finish. Voila! 7.0% ABV, 375ml

Additional Offerings To-Go:
CONNtucky Lightnin’ – Sour Mash Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels, 8.5% ABV, 16 oz. single cans or 16oz. 2 pack
Cherry Quad – Two Roads Cherry Quad, 10.3% ABV, 16 oz. single cans or 16oz. 2 pack
H2Roads Craft Hard Seltzer Variety Pack – 12oz x 12 mix of Raspberry, Grapefruit, Cranberry Lime & Black Cherry