Two Roads Brewing Company was founded in 2012 by four friends who dreamed for years of starting a craft brewery. We foster a “road less traveled” philosophy in the beers we make and how we make them. In that spirit, Phil Markowski, our award-winning Brewmaster and 27 year craft beer veteran has created an extensive lineup that takes a unique twist on classic beer styles. Two Roads was named one of the ten best breweries in America by Paste Magazine and has won many awards including gold for Belgian Lambic style Ale in 2016 at the Great American Beer Festival. 

Two Roads isn’t just the logo on our brewery building, it’s our philosophy. Life always seems to offer up two ways to go. It just so happens, we prefer the one less taken and having some fun along the way – in our lives, our careers and especially for our beers! Now our “road less traveled” philosophy is being brought to life in the beers that we create and how we create them. 

Brad Hittle

Brad’s own road in life took a detour on the road less traveled when after getting a college degree, he immediately decided that working on an offshore drilling ship in Southeast Asia would be a better way to launch into life. He later got his MBA degree at Kellogg and then spent time in the corporate world at Johnson & Johnson and Unilever— but he quickly learned that beer was a lot more fun and interesting. Brad’s career in beer most recently included being the Chief Marketing Officer at the Pabst Brewing Company until 2010, where he lead the success of brands like PBR, Lone Star and Primo, among others. Prior to that, he worked on marketing for Rolling Rock. If ever there was somebody with beer in his veins, it’s Brad. And of course we don’t mean that literally!

Phil Markowski

Master Brewer Phil Markowski comes from an engineering background. After dabbling in home brewing and winning a few competitions back in the 1980’s Phil made the bright decision to go into the craft beer world as a career. A long career at various breweries has led to dozens of medals from the GABF and WBC, along with many other medals at regional and international competitions. Phil also wrote the book on Farmhouse Ales, literally, and is thrilled to be in his dream job: working with friends to create a brewery from scratch with state-of-the-art equipment.

Clement Pellani

After starting his career working as an engineer in the F18 radar lab at McDonnell Douglas, Clem quickly took a left turn and got on a more fulfilling road that led to a career in beer (and happiness). In addition to having a brewing degree from the Siebel Institute of Technology, Clem’s beer experience includes marketing at Labatt USA on the Rolling Rock and Labatt brands where he developed a line of craft beers. He also headed marketing and sales at New England Brewing Company, worked as a Marketing Director at E. & J. Gallo Winery, and was a consultant to Pabst Brewing Company on their new craft portfolio introductions.

Peter Doering

Peter spent the last nine years as CFO and Project Financial Manager at a large regional shipyard in Connecticut. While there he coordinated the construction of a 280-foot motor-yacht, the largest luxury yacht ever built in America. Ironically, early in his career, Peter took the road less traveled, working his way up the ladder to foreman on an offshore drilling ship in Angola. How that translated into an MBA is worth ponder, but Peter did go and get one from Harvard which he now uses to win games of “Liar’s Poker” and calculate cost per mile in his 2004 Ford Explorer. He makes sure the other three guys don’t give away too much beer to friends.

John Rehm

Director of Brewing Operations 

John grew up in Stratford but spent much of his early career in Philadelphia, PA where he mastered the art and science of brewing great beer. He is now finally back home and living the dream at Two Roads.
He hopes to one day drive the Two Roads float in the Stratford 4th of July Parade.

Roger Krackow 

Head Brewer

Hey, careful man, there's a beverage here!

Steven Andrews

Brewing Project Coordinator & Training Manager

Truly love helping to make all of the fantastic beers at Two Roads, and being able to watch co-workers faces when I make them drink off-flavor beer under the guise of "sensory training".
"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." - Confucius Whelp, guess I'm unemployed then. Sorry Mom.

Alex Robinson 

Shift Brewing Supervisor

Favorite Two Roads beers- Lil Heaven/Urban Funk

Beer is proof that God loves us- Ben Franklin 

Frank Garigliano

Shift Brewing Operations Manager 

"When I can't solve a problem, I leave it for Steve."

Pete Miller

Manager of Brewing Quality & Innovation

Matthew Bellemare

Shift Brewer

Daniel Fitzsimmons

Brewing Trainer

Jacob Sullivan

Cellar Technician

Joe Panarese

Shift Brewer

Jonah Pociadlo

Shift Brewer 

Nick Brown

Shift Brewer

Nick is a soft spoken Aquarius with a heart of gold and a love for all things Vin Deisel. When he’s not mixing up the oat soda, you might find Nick wearing out his limited edition vinyl of the 2003 classic Now That’s What I Call Music! 12 or putting a fresh bedazzle on an old romper. 

Lucas Kynoch

Shift Brewer

Mark Shaffstall

Assistant Brewer

Mike Shea

Assistant Brewer

Ian Begg

Cellar Technician 

David Clark

Cellar Technician 

Chris Sheeler

Cellar Technician 

Mark Pintavalle

Cellar Technician 

Dan Velky

Raw Materials Worker 

Trevor Rose

Cellar Technician

Andrew Broneill

Cellar Technician

Tyler Havrilko

Cellar Technician

More commonly known as Doeboy, Tyler Havrilko owns over 300 t-shirts.  He can cartwheel up to 2 miles while holding his breath and if you need a tank to twinkle, you’ve found your man.

Mehmet Kadiev

Shift Brewer

​I like beer and beer likes me. 

Chris Cretella 

Cellar Technician

After more than a decade I realized that playing music and looking at spreadsheets in the service of distributing the tools with which to produce it are two vastly different tasks. One really fun; the other not so much. In considering that producing things for people to enjoy is as enjoyable as enjoying the things people produce to be consumed for enjoyment I decided I should enjoy what I do every day. I am.

Kaleb Remski

Cellar Technician
Kaleb is a Long Island native who came across the sound for a woman, and found a brewery. He fell in love with craft beer and began home-brewing many years ago. Now he is making his passion a reality and loving every minute of it! Prost, Slanche and all the rest!

Adam Calderone

Cellar Technician

After over 6 years of managing beer sales in CT and NY I came to realize that I would much rather be making the beer than selling it. My years as a home brewer mixed with my strong passion for beer has me right where I want to be. 

Michael Perugini 

Raw Materials Worker

Meghan Zachry 

Director of Sales 

Likes: Flowers and beer
Dislikes: Bacon and mean people
Favorite Two Roads beer: Ol’ Factory Pils

Twitter- @2RoadsMeghan


Dan Zeek

Region Manager for the Connecticut / Vermont Region

Huge Yankees fans 
Favorite color- blue
Lucky number- six 
Fav Two Roads Beer- Honeyspot Road 

Twitter- @2RoadsDan 

John Kleinchester

Regional Manager- NY/NJ/DE

Likes: American Soccer, Pro Wrestling, Bababooey

Fun Fact: John used to work for MTV in Times Square

Also is the brains behind @beertography on Twitter and Instagram 

Twitter- @2RoadsJohn


Jamie Proulx

New Haven County, CT Sales Manager

Born and raised in NH
Sacred heart University grad (micro-biology)
Likes: The Outdoors, Hockey, Beer & Black Coffee.

Favorite beer quote "Beer is like music, it all depends on what mood you're in" -Ryan Crowley 

Kristen Malski 

Senior Manager - Consumer Events


Lindsay Felderman

Associate Marketing Manager 

Beer will change the world, I don't know how but it willl

Loves: My dog, the New York Giants, Fleetwood Mac, tacos, sandwiches & a cold beer to end a hard day's work
Dislikes: When socks don't match
Fav Two Roads Beer: Worker's Comp
Fav Two Roads Seasonal: Rye 95

Paul Sullivan

Sales Manager- Brooklyn/Lower Manhattan 

From Westport, CT. Professional musician, 3 time National AHA gold medal winning homebrewer, BJCP National beer judge, beer writer, former professional brewer. Loves great lagers as well as ales.

Twitter- @2RoadsPaul 


Molly O'Brien 

Events Manager 

Jared Emerling 

Associate Marketing Manager - Area Two Experimental Brewing

Enjoys biographies, inventions and the lore of Nikola Tesla. Rock n roll is pretty radical. 

Kim Wood

Chain Manager

 I am a Penn State grad and native Philadelphian.
 Likes: Beer, chocolate, Philly sports and my bernese mountain dogs Bauer and Molson
 Dislikes: Soccer, bacon and coconuts
 Favorite Two Roads Beers: Road 2 Ruin and Honeyspot Road White IPA 

Lee Porter 

Regional Manager - Mid-Atlantic

Lee likes eating and shrugging ... and beer. 

Katie Butler 

Sales Manager- VT/NH sales manager 

Likes early mornings, Vermont's green mountains, hosting parties, black coffee, vegetables, whiskey drinks, slack lining, and attending barbecues.

Favorite Two Roads beer: Ol factory pils and Lil Heaven

Ryan Crowley 

Brand Ambassador 

Likes- hockey and beer
Dislikes- traffic and shaving
Favorite Two Roads beer- the one that sits in front of me 

Caitlin Guelakis 

Territory Manager- Western Connecticut 

Likes: Boston Red Sox
Dislikes: Actual socks
Hobby: Olympic Weightlifting 
Favorite Two Roads Beer(s): Road 2 Ruin and Ol' Factory Pils

Collin Kennedy

Senior Marketing Manager

Tim Caffrey

Southern New Jersey and Delaware Sales Manager

Tim Phelps 

Western MA, Litchfield County, CT- Sales Manager

Emily Canty

Sales Manager- Hudson Valley, NY 

Molly Kinne

Western New York- Sales Manager

Neil Eddy

Sales Manager- Rhode Island/SE Massachusetts

Jake Gessner

Sales Manager: DC, Northern VA, and MD

Lizzy Shpitalnik

Sales Manager- Colorado

Eric Spear 

New Hampshire Sales Manager 

Roberta Brondolo

Chain Manager

Sean Huber 

Philadelphia and Eastern PA Sales Manager 

Tom Walton 

Sales Manager Long Island/Queens

Loves: My dogs, cookouts, and Phil Collins

Likes: Punk Rock, Baseball, Genesis

Dislikes: Stubbing my toe, Doing laundry, Phil Collins on the Tarzan Soundtrack

Hobbies: Collecting vinyl, Collecting obscure horror films, Traveling long distances to eat food

Favorite Two Roads beer: Lil Heaven

Greg Stec

Sales Manager Northern/Central NJ
Likes: Playing golf and drinking beer, followed by a night session of Fortnite… Take the Road Less Traveled and don’t land Tilted Towers
My dog is pretty awesome
Favorite Two Roads beer: Two Juicy

John Kubicsko 

CT Sales Manager
John is a Certified Cicerone® and grew up in Stratford, CT
He likes: soccer, food, well-made beverages, and warm weather
His favorite Two Roads beer: No Limits or Lil Heaven

Erin Lynch

Social Media And Communications Marketing Associate 


Sarah Maxwell 

Ohio Sales Manager
Likes: Baseball, Football, Beer, Running, Dogs, Concerts, Tacos and Netflix.
Dislikes: Coffee
Favorite Two Roads beer: Lil’ Heaven

Joshua Bader

Sales Manager, Western PA
Joshua is a Michigan native and a Certified Sommelier working in the beer world. 
He's a long-suffering Detroit Lions fan.
Loves: live music, BBQ and a huge history buff.
My favorite Two Roads beer: Lil’ Heaven.

Joe Darigan

Sales Manager - Southeastern CT

The Red Sox were Joe’s true first love. Also loves the Patriots.
Starwars Fanboy.
Believes that the best thing about beer is the people you drink it with.
Still thinks Santa’s Real.
“Feed me Bacon, pour me beer and I’ll be your best friend for life.”

James Peters

Sales Manager - Boston, MA

Trevor Relf

Sales Manager - NY Capital Region 

Derik Vandegraft

Western Ohio/Kentucky Sales Manager

The basketball great Michael middle name “Air” Jordan and my mother share a birthday, so I like to pretend he is my father in some non-skill absorbent way. 

My favorite thing in life: cereal, specifically Captain Crunch. Horatio Magellan Crunch is a grain eating adventurer much as myself. And it doesn’t cut the roof of your mouth, that’s slander and libel spread by soft cereal.

If I was a beer I would be retailed at 5.99 a six pack and have the aroma of barely millennial with the taste of avocado toast. 

Adam Aktchian

Manhattan & Brooklyn Off-Premise Sales Manager

I’ve been selling beer since before my student loans kicked in. I love the Pats, the B’s, the C’s, the Sox, and Taco Bell. I’m a huge fan of dogs and old school hip hop and rock n roll. I'm a big time hater of cats and new hip hop and rock n roll.

My favorite Two Roads beer is Espressway.
My favorite Two Roads seasonal is Road Jam

Mathew Bither

Sales Operations Coordinator

Eric Keim 

Virginia Sales Manager

Jessica Rice 

Sales Manager - Central/Northeast CT

Passionate about craft beer, outdoor enthusiast, soccer mom and animal lover, just trying to fill the world with as much love and positivity as possible.

Carl Lang 

Packaging Manager

Jose Vega 

Warehouse Manager

Miguel Morales 

Building Maintenance Tech

Carlos Marques 

Maintenance Technician

Elid Brito 

Line Supervisor

Tannis Sergo

Machine Operator 

Francois Brutus 

Line Supervisor

Manny Acevedo

Warehouse Supervisor 

Jose "Papo" Castro 

Packaging Lineman

Angel "Chupi" Sanchez 

Packaging Lineman

Mike Corica

Packaging Lineman 

Antonio Torrejon

Packaging Lineman

Jeremy Posser

Forklift Driver/Order Picker

Richard Amill

Packaging Lineman

Emanuel Deveaux

Packaging Lineman 

Felix Agosto 


Ralph Davis

Line Supervisor

Tony Wuchek 

Forklift Operator 

Wilfredo Munoz


Frank Parker

Packaging Lineman

Mike Pirhalla

Benito Rosario

Warehouse Supervisor - 2nd Shift 

Reinaldo Tenorro

Frank Parker 

Packaging Lineman

Blake Stascavage

Production Engineer

Josh Nelson

Packaging Lineman

Chris Zaffis

Packaging Lineman

Mike Wight


Drew Pannone

Senior Manager of Logistics & Customer Service 

I love beer. I’m a competitive homebrewer and have won some awards, so I’m kind of a big deal. Being a part of Two Roads is a dream realized. Now on to the next! Aside from that I’m a big sports fan, I like to stay active, and I’m a pretty good cook. Favorite Two Roads Beer: Rye 95

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”


Nikin Shah

Supply Chain Manager 

Quinnipiac University Grad. Spongebob Enthusiast. My first name is spelled the same forwards and backwards. I ran the 3rd fastest mile in my 4th grade gym class.

 “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

-Wayne Gretzky

                -Michael Scott

                                -Nikin Shah

Rob Herbst

Logistics & Operations Associate

The dinosaurs didn’t have beer. Now look how that turned out…

Kevin Pasquarella

Junior Control Systems Engineer

Travis Eckart 

Systems Developer/Brewhouse Maintenance

Juan Pablo Henao

Logistics Manager

Ryan Gernat

Brewing Supply Chain Manager

Brendan Willigan

Operations & Logistics Assistant

John Wuillermin

Brew Planning Manager

I have 7 years of brewing experience and a year and half running a bottle line. American Brewer’s Guild Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering program graduate. In some of my former lives, I worked in Quality Control Labs for almost 10 years, with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Chemistry minor, and taught High School sciences, with a master’s degree in Secondary Education. Home brewer for more than 10 years. I also enjoy road and trail running, hiking, mountain biking and almost anything, without a motor, in the snow.

My favorite Two Roads beer is Worker’s Comp.


Alec Dvoretsky


Good samaritan, washed up college athlete, expert napper, and avid fisherman. Know any good places to fish?…LMK. Constantly in search of the wildest of yeast.

Favorite Two Roads Beer: Urban Funk

Leao Fernandes

Quality Shift Supervisor

Jennifer Pesavento

Sensory Program Manager

Tea, beer, and coffee. 
Bakes peculiar cookies.
Bitter, sour – yum
Favorite Two Roads Beer: Persian Lime Gose + Urban Funk

Sarah De Lorenzo

Sensory Technician

Sarah aka GC/MS lady aka Lab Roger
Yes, I know I’m tall and no I don’t play basketball.
Likes to run long distances for the sole purpose of drinking beer after.
Kombucha brewer who’s always looking for new & funky flavor combos.
Always down to crack a cold one with the boys.
Currently establishing a 7 year friendship with Dr. Dannon.
Favorite Two Roads Beer: Passion Fruit Gose & Roadsmary’s Baby

Mike Augustine

Quality Technician
Ultimate frisbee player, coffee lover, mazer, fitness geek, dark web intellectual, and craft beverage lover. Currently establishing a 7 year friendship with GCMS Lady.

Dan Walter

Director, Quality Assurance

Liz Kaesmann

Quality Technician

My background is in chemistry, I am a passionate equestrian (20 years and counting), and I am a Halloween enthusiast. I am also a lover of all things winter! A cold beer and a warm fire while relaxing in the mountains is just about as good as life gets for me. 

Favorite Two Roads Beer: Honeyspot Road IPA


Burton Hopp

Packaging Quality Technician

Ted Pert 

Senior Manager - Taproom Operations 

All-time favorite Two Roads beer: Worker's Comp Saison

Dan Letizia

Tasting Room Manager

Ronnie Gould

Assistant Tasting Room Manager 

Joe Jimenez

Head Bartender

What I love: Family, baseball and craft beer.
Favorite Quotes:
The only angels in Los Angeles are in heaven, and they're looking down on the Dodgers -Tommy Lasorda
Statistics are used much like a drunk uses a lamppost: for support, not illumination Vin Scully

Andrew Mallette

Tasting Room Operations Assistant 

Josh Kelley


Brittany Turiano


Jason Nolan

Tour Guide

Tim Goetz


Rebecca McDonald

Company Store Manager 

Charlie Claxton

Head Security 

James Maher


John Murphy

Security & 12 Pack Bus Driver

Mat Simon


Jimmy Pace


Mike Hoey


Amy Vaughan


Pat Carstensen


Tom Kasper

Company Store Associate 

Kyle Callazo


Zach Rader


Colin House 

Manager of Wood Aging and Sour Beer Production

My favorite Two Roads beer is Road 2 Ruin.  I like fishing, tattoos and the NJ Devils. I don't like all the questions Frank asks me everyday or the singing and dancing that I have to put a stop to 

Shaun Kerr

Assistant Tasting Room Manager 

Emerson Loisel    

Tasting Room Guide 

Stephanie Berluti  

Tasting Room Guide 

Kelsey Juntwait  

​Tasting Room Guide 

Ryan Cunningham  

Tasting Room Guide

Patrick Kelly

Tasting Room Guide

Corbinian Wanner  

Tasting Room Guide

Megan Mcgorry  

​Tasting Room Guide

John Hylinski  


Terence Larose